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I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.  My roots go back to produce farmers many generations ago in Hampton, IL and northern Europe.  Unlike my family, my career was working in Corporate America where I gained a wealth of business knowledge.  I was inspired to create this venture a few years ago.  My close family members have had health issues I believe are a result of unhealthy eating habits.   My goal is to bring awareness, convenience, and availability of local fresh products to busy families.

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All Smoked Salts Are Not Alike!
December 15th | 1:55 pm

Guest Blogger: Gluten Free Country Gal Smoked Sea Salts


Not all smoked salts are the same...

and the best quality smoked salts achieve their flavor by being cold smoked. Top grade smoked salts pick up the flavor characteristics of the wood they were smoked with - hickory, alder wood and apple wood.  Some small artisans use wood from aged bourbon or wine barrels. Using smoked salts is an easy and flavorful way to

Not So 'Little' Indian Microfarm: Big Dreams, Big Hearts
November 1st | 9:14 pm

Small farm, big dreams, and even bigger hearts. Those are the first things that come to mind when we think about Little Indian Microfarm run by Shanna and Jimmy on Campbell’s Island, Illinois. The next thing that comes to mind are a few questions:  

With all the varieties and amount of produce, how many people run this farm?


Again, with all the varieties and amount they grow, this microfarm has to be at t...

Grass-Fed Beef: What's the big moo?
September 18th | 5:55 pm

Is there a difference between the beef we consume, or is it all the same?! To some, this might be an obvious answer. To others, the answer is unknown. No matter which side you’re coming from, there is a lot to learn from Neal Sawyer, Sawyer Beef, about the different types of beef we eat. Let’s start with the basics.   There are two main “cowtegories” when it comes to the moo! There are dairy cows and beef cows. One is used for its dairy and the other for it...

What Does Healthy Mean?
June 6th | 2:33 pm

Shopping Confusion Today more than ever people are concerned about healthy eating and that of their family members. One aspect of this is how nutrition impacts our bodies.  This either protects us or predisposes us to illness. There are many buzzwords floating around in magazine articles, on the internet, and in our doctor’s offices.  Vegan, organic, glutton free, locally grown, and other such Qualifying labels are everywhere. But what do these words truly mean and mo...

Cooking With Honey
April 20th | 7:36 pm

The Healthy Sweetener If you want to be able to cook sweets without the negative health effects of refined sugar, honey is an excellent option. Among other reasons, honey is metabolized more slowly by your body, meaning that you are less likely to get a sugar "high" after eating something made with honey. Honey can be challenging to cook with, though, for several reasons. So many people don't cook with it because they don't know how. But once you know how to use honey in

Whole Food Cooking
April 11th | 3:14 pm

Who can resist the mouth-watering pictures in a cookbook? Who doesn't have childhood memories of the fragrances that drifted from the kitchen on holidays, and even on ordinary days? Spices, bread baking and cookies fresh out of the oven.  All these trigger a deep longing in most of us.  As eating holds a guaranteed spot in everybody's daily schedule, so do those who prepare it.   Real cooking consists of more than opening a can with a dull picture of green beans...